Title: Cinder Author: Marissa Meyer
Pages: 390 Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy
Recommended: If you like the Cinderella story. If you like most YA books.
Song: Electric Feel by MGMT (yknow – ’cause she’s a cyborg)

This was one of those picks based solely on popularity and a best friend reccomendation. I didn’t read the synopsis, look at the cover or even glance at the length; I just hit “download” and went for it.

So it surprised me when the Cinderella character (conventiently named Cinder) is a cyborg. She lives in the future city of New Beijing, where she is a mechanic. The story follows the based Cinderella plot, but takes on a few more intricate plot points. All in all, it’s a winner of a retelling.

Meyer really created a great setting here. There’s an incurable plague going around, political drama between Earth and the moon (Luna), and a bunch of fun robots.

One of the key places where “Cinder” wins over its YA counterparts is the progression of the main character. At the outset of the novel, the main character is usually at their lowest state. They are “normal”. It doesn’t take long for this character to find out that there is much more to them than met their eye. it’s usually very predictable. Cinder’s story, while easy to pre-map, does not leave you so far ahead of the plot that you get bored.

I was pleasantly surpised by “Cinder”. It really is worth all the hype!


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