Blog Challenge Day 15: Timeline of My Day

Og. My. Gosh. My life is really boring.

5:30am: Alarm sounds. It’s immediately snoozed.

6:45am: Alarm has sounded every 8 minutes since 5:30. Good intentions and poor follow-through. I really freaking hate getting up in the morning. I get up when I absolutely have to. By this time, my dog has attacked my face with licks or faked bark sounds to get me out of bed.

6:50am: Shower

7am: Makeup, hair and clothes

7:20am: Run outside to feed my farm animals

7:30am: Tear out of the driveway

8am: Work. No details here. It’s a challenge. It’s stressful. I bring the best attitude and try to have as much fun as possible so that I don’t give myself an ulcer before the age of 31.

5 – 5:30pm: Tear out of there.

6pm: Gym time! 20 lbs down, 40 to go!

7-7:30pm: Home and hop in the shower to rinse off the day. Best therapy ever.

8pm – 10pm: Blog, spend time with Hubbs, clean, etc.

10:15pm: Bedtime routine (brush teeth, wash face, lotion up, and pick work and gym clothes for the next day)

10:30pm: In bed. On Pinterest or other addictive app.

11pm: Asleep

12pm: Wake up. Set alarm.



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