The Regional Office is Under Attack

Title:The Regional Office is Under Attack Author: Manuel Gonzales
Pages: 400 Genre: Mild Science Fiction
Recommended: If you like spy movies or Minority Report
Song: Just Like Fire by P!nk

This is a book of the “couldn’t put it down” variety. My habitual house cleaning routine turned into a major deep-cleaning project just because I needed an excuse to keep listening to this book.

“Regional Office” is like Minority Report meets Mission Impossible meets gritty Charlie’s Angels. Neither of the two main male characters would be played by Tom Cruise.

This girl-kick-ass story introduces several strong female characters, two of the fighting sort, one precognate, and one mysterious business leader. Gonzales tangles their stories together to form a complicated weave of conspiracy, abandonment and rage that come from ambition and deep desires to be loved and needed.

One part that was not necessary was the drawn out hostage scene. Yes, it added the perspective of a civilian and depicted Sarah to be even more larger than life. I felt like it was too long and boring compared to the rest of the story.



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