Blog Challenge Day 8: Old Picture of Me

This post has nothing to do with books and everything to do with cake.

I changed my name to Kate when I moved to Arizona for college. It seemed like an edgy and grown-up thing to do at the time and I don’t regret it.

However, I did not anticipate all of the homonyms of my new name and how stupid it would look when I actually answered to them.

So, you can call me Kate. You can also call me:

  • Okay
  • Cake
  • Great
  • Freight
  • and other similar words


I’ll focus on “cake” right now. Every time asks if anyone wants cake, I always answer with a perky, inquisitive, “Yes”? It’s so freaking ridiculous. No matter how much weight I lose, I’m always going to play the role of glutton at the birthday party.

Of course, I love cake. This picture is 29 years old. It’s from my first birthday. I’m clearly, very happy about what I am about to eat.




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