Blog Challenge Day 1: Introduction

cbac44ed47c4a7309a98ebf1cfd614c3.jpgAbout three times per week I get sucked into the time vortex that is Pinterest. Every so often I actually apply my pins to my life in the form of trying new recipes, taking a book recommendation, or trying to be more of a morning person.

One of the things I struggle with on LitRALLY is consistency. Life, as it so often does, gets busy, and I feel the guilt the follows the lack of priority I give to my blog.

I realize that this challenge is meant more for a personal blogger, but I figure it will help get me in the habit of daily writing and posting.


My name is Kate, and I read a lot. I was the kid who never missed “Reading Rainbow”, the pre-teen who attended every midnight Harry Potter release, and the English/Creative Writing college student. Now I’m a normal adult with a normal marketing job and the desire to make my dream life happen.


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