Mycroft Holmes

Title: Mycroft Holmes Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabaar & Anna Waterhouse
Pages: 336 Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Recommended to:People who like action/adventure
Song: Techno remix of a classical song

Yes, this book was co-written by basketball star Kareem Abdul Jabaar, not just someone with the same name.

So if you’re expecting a mystery of the same caliber as the Athur Conan Doyle classics, Mycroft Holmes doesn’t deliver. BUT, if you want a good adventure story with a hint of the Holmes intelligence, you might like this book.

The recent BBC version of a modern Sherlock Holmes has brought Sherlock’s powerful and enigmatic older brother to the forefront of fans’ attention. Abdul-Jabaar and Waterhouse spotlight this sidelined character in a great action and adventure story.

Mycroft Holmes predates the Conan Doyle stories (Sherlock is in college), and is told from Mycroft’s point-of-view. The telling of Mycroft’s adventures is simpler than the Conan Doyle mysteries, but is no less entertaining. Mycroft’s excellent memory and penchant for leadership shines in this book. Where Sherlock lacks in social settings, Mycroft makes up for this.

‘Nuff said. It’s good. It’s fun. It’s a good beach read.

Gear up for the next one. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is talking about a sequel.



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