Six of Crows


Title: Six of Crows Author: Leigh Bardugo
Pages: 465 Genre: YA, Fantasy
Recommended to: Lovers of Ocean’s Eleven and great characterization
Song: Song: GDFR (Goin’ Down For Real) by Flo Rida

Synopsis: An unlikely band of robbers, each with their own talents, motives and sordid pasts unites against all odds.imgres.jpg

Okay, I’m late to the game with this whole Grisha world. “Six of Crows” is the first in its storyline, but it occurs in the same world as The Grisha Series, which is now near the top of my “to-read” list. To some fans, ‘Six of Crows” takes second place to the first series, but as a newcomer I absolutely loved it.

Bardugo is clearly amazing at characterization. Told in point-of-view perspective, the characters’ stories are woven well through inner monologue, backstory and their interactions with each other. Even though we are in their heads for most of the book, they remain enigmatic. I love that I love these characters, even though I feel like I have so much more to know about them.

They are thieves and criminals of all types. They condemn themselves through their pasts and redeem themselves by just being. I found myself not only rooting for them to succeed, but to come closer to each other.

The book jacket promises a heist. While it does lead the plot in “Six of Crows”, I found this heist to be the secondary focus. It was more a means to an end than the end all and be all. It didn’t seem complex or detailed enough, though it did put each character is grave danger at times.

The next book in the series, “Crooked Kingdom” is set to release in September, 2016. I’m ready to pre-order it right now.


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