Review: Tainted Crimson

26627340Title: Tainted Crimson (Book #1 in the “Tainted” series)

Author: Tarisa Marie

Pages: 316

Method of Reading: Kindle E-Book

Genre: Young Adult (YA) Supernatural Fiction

Thoughts: Intriguing new world and characters. Narrative needs development.

Synopsis: Starts as a typical YA supernatural story with a female lead. Normal girl finds out the world is not what she thinks..and she’s a vampire, witch, immortal mix. This hybrid has a lot to learn about her family, love, and especially herself.

Recommended To: Girls who like supernatural young adult novels.

Song for this Book: “Stronger” by Britney Spears


Shout out to Tarisa Marie for being my first Instagram follower! I hadn’t heard of her previously, but as a thanks for the follow, here’s my review of “Tainted Crimson”.

First of all, the world Tarisa Marie set up in this book is awesome! I want to know more about the history, the characters and the different types of supernatural beings. I like that these beings can interbreed, leaving their progeny with different ability levels. This is the strongest element of the novel. Not everyone can create a complex world and break it down for the reader to efficiently.

However well explained the novel is, I feel like it could use more in-depth information about the characters and the background. The handful of reviews I’ve read share the some opinion: add more “show” to the “tell”. More sensory details and personalized observations would add depth to the characters. It may add to the page count, but would be well worth it.

I would also like to have read more conversations between the main character Ariella and her father. It seems like they were close. Perhaps this occurs in future installments in the series, or perhaps this is intentional by the author, but it seems like Ariella would be more comforted and sure if she got information and consolation from her daddy.

One thing I really liked: the characters eat bacon. All the time. Good food choice!

Tainted Crimson has everything you need for the first book in a series: intriguing setting, good characters with good dynamic, a main character set up to grow, and the feeling that you just want more. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series: Tainted Heart.

Tarisa Marie, you’re amazing.



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