So I’m trying something new…and I’m liking it!

It’s called Overdrive, and it offers digital versions of books, magazines, movies, tv shows and other media. Accessible through my Greater Phoenix Digital Library, all I had to do was provide my library account login credentials (library card number and password).

So far I’ve only used Overdrive for audiobooks (you know how much I love those), but I anticipate reading “The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennett” on my Kindle.

Pros of Overdrive

  • Umm…it’s FREE! I can access new and popular content for no money.
  • Broad selection: I’ve been very happy with the selection offered by Overdrive.
  • Easy access via Kindle, phone app, and computer
  • When you renew a title, it picks up exactly where you left off, and remembers all of your bookmarks.

Cons of Overdrive

  • You need to know what you want and search for that specifically.
  • Timing on the iPhone app. I like to keep track of where I am in a book, and I’m having hard time with the track listings and timing of them in Overdrive.
  • Checking out titles works exactly like the borrowing system in the library: there is a limited number of licenses so you have to wait until your book becomes available. You may need to wait in a hold line. You also have an allotted amount of time (2 weeks) for that title to remain in your Overdrive account. You can renew, but if you aren’t careful you will get stuck waiting again.

If you don’t already have one, go out and grab a library card and try overdrive. What’s there to lose?


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