Review: Girls in White Dresses

Title: Girls in White Dresses11113774

Author: Jennifer Close

Pages: 294

Method of Reading: Audiobook

Genre: Fiction

Thoughts: Cute, fun and realistic portrayal of the life of the single female.

Synopsis: Being a single woman can be pretty tough, awkward and awesome. Told vignette style, this book follows the love and dating stories of several New York women in their 20s.

Recommended To: Girls who 1. Have dated. 2. Have ever had an awkward date. 3. Have wondered where their life is going.

Song for this Book: “Higher Love” by James Vincent Mc Morrow.


I didn’t like this book at first and it was totally personal. It took me back to my dating years, which were full of worry and angst. Granted, this period of my life was short (I met my husband when I was 21…9 years ago), but I really couldn’t wait to move on and get married. I hated the uncertainty of not knowing if a relationship would last through Christmas. I didn’t like that any random quirk way throw off an entire relationship.

These situations are some in which the characters in “Girls in White Dresses” find themselves. By the time I reached the 1/3 point in the book, I really liked it.

Jennifer Close writes in very simple statements; in the way one girl might relate the events of a date to her friends. She gives you just enough detail to tell you what you need to know. She captures the funny things that draw people together, and the way relationships fade, fizzle, falter, blow up, and succeed.

One of my favorite quotes from “Girls in White Dresses” is this: “They were all bridesmaids. They were all happy for her. They are sick of celebrating it.” When you are left in single-hood and the bride is obsessed with herself and her wedding, it kind of sucks.

Behind the dating escapades is a story of friendship. It’s Sex and the City, but more real.

Audiobook: good narration and performance!



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