Why I’m Canceling Kindle Unlimited

Today is the day I cancel my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I signed up about a year ago, and have been paying about $10/month since then.

Inexpensive? Yes.

Worth it? Not really.

Reasons to cancel:

  • Entire series is not available in the same format, if at all. On more than one occasion, I would start a series on Kindle Unlimited that was available with narration. By book 2 or 3, it would only be available as an e-book. This does not work for me. Don’t get me hooked on a series and then change the formatting on me.
  • Poor selection of audiobooks. The selection is decent for e-books on Kindle Unlimited, but when it comes to audiobooks it’s not so great. Yes, there are a lot of titles, but most of them are nothing I want to read.
  • Difficulty sorting through books. The Kindle Unlimited interface is not very friendly. I wish there was a way to mark books as “read”, and then not have them listed in your recommendations.
  • Passionless reading. I found that I was reading a lot of books just because they came with my subscription. I did find new good books, but for the most part the reading was joyless, which changed my reading experience.


Now, I don’t have anything against Amazon. In fact, I like the efficiency it has brought to my life. When Kindle Unlimited becomes friendlier to audiobook readers and expands their selection, I will likely be back.


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