Audiobooks: My Great Escape

There is a cloud or turmoil that surrounds my workplace. While I’m glad for the job, it puts all three “S”s in stressful. Reluctantly, I realize this is just part of daily life. It’s the tedium of folding clothes and grocery shopping. It’s the hours that rack up in the car on my commute.

These used to be elements of life that received continual compliant. However, I have found an escape in audiobooks that allows me to continue functioning while enjoying a good book.


I can listen to an audiobook in any situation where I don’t need to listen to anything else (ie: 50% of work, grocery store, car ride, housework, showering, etc.). The only time this doesn’t work is when I am writing. Just the idea of being simultaneously productive really gets me excited about doing things. Actually accomplishing everything on my to-do list whilst tackling my “to-read” pile makes me feel like an amazing human being.

Big Books? Bring ‘Em!

Yeah – I just finished the first part of “War and Peace” without breaking a sweat. The rest of the book will be just as effortless. Totally bragging here. Put that bad puppy on 1.25 or 1.5 speed, and we’re in better business. Down side? There are no more excuses for not having read anything.

Save the Bahamas, Read An Audiobook

I’ve found in audiobooks (especially well-narrated ones), an escape that rivals many vacations. I can get away from it all while I’m still doing everything I need to. The trippy part is when I listen to them on vacation. It’s like the Inception of vacations: escape within an escape!


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