Lessons for a Comic Book Novice

The look on my face was making the comic store clerk very uncomfortable. I cold tell because he cringed. This is the kind of power I have over people, especially when I’m disappointed. That or my mouth was open really wide and I needed of gum.

You see, I was facing the discontinuation of Giant Size Little Marvel Avengers vs. Xmen (AVX). It’s basically like Tiny Toon Adventures or Muppet Babies for superheroes. Illustrated by Skottie Young, this cute and fun portrayal of some of the most-loved characters in comic book history.

Before this amazing series of six comics was released, my only forays into comic book culture had been continuations of another favorite “Avatar the Last Airbender”, and “Saga”. I looked forward to the monthly new editions, and completed them quickly.

As a voracious novel reader, I’ve become accustomed to the way the novel world works. I had some things to learn comic book world. Here are some comparisons.



Comic Book

Written by one (sometimes 2) authors Various contributors to produce. 1 or more people for concept, story, art and coloring.
Successful ideas are championed by the same author Even successful franchises can swtich our writers or artists anytime. They switch loyalties kind of like superheroes.
You can count on at least 200 pages of content. 30 pages max of content per comic.

In the case of Avengers vs. Xmen, only 6 issues were planned, and I didn’t take the “The End” for real. In my reality, there is no way a story can be complete in just 180 odd pages of mostly pictures.

Thus the upset in the comic book store (side note: this place used to be a large comic store called “Atmic Comics” until someone deicded they loved (hated?) comics enough to ram their car into it.) Perhaps their favorite series got canceled after 6 issues.

So I learned that the comic book world is very different from the novel world. Now that I’m used to this fact, I can proceed loving more comic books in the future.


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