What “The Stack” Means to Me

Ah, the “to read” stack. It’s there whether you read for pleasure or for information, or for personal growth. Even the person least inclined to pick up a book in reality has a list of titles they mean to read some day.

While I’m constantly ticking away at my “to read” list, its volume is ever-increasing. Loving one author breeds the desire to explore their work further. The beginning of a great series starts a chain reaction that leads to consuming an entire saga. Stand-alone masterpieces inspire repeat experiences.

My ever-growing collection of unread books was once a source of frustration to me. I would sift through it regularly, weeding out less desirables in the hopes of one day completing the task of reading everything I wanted to.

How silly! What a mistake! I now look at my “stack” with pride and excitement, and here’s why:IMG_1612

“The Stack” Represents Unfulfilled Potential

It’s like a pile of kinetic energy. In “the stack”, I see my next favorite book, undiscovered life-changing stories and well-written phrases that teach me how to be a better writer. While I look at my collection of already read books with love and appreciation, I scope out my to-read list as if it was a room full of potential new friends.

It’s Clean & Shiny!

These books have never been cracked. These bindings have never been stressed. These pages have never been earmarked. It’s like having a bookstore in my bedroom. Yes, I care for the books I have, but they are full of post-it notes and have likely been carried more then several places. Even e-books and audiobooks have more charm when not-yet begun.

“The Stack” Prevents Boredom

If you’re a busy person (and I know you are), you rarely have time to be bored. However, you know you will have something to do on your day off. I look forward to these days come rain or shine. I know that, should I decide to neglect my housework (likely) or need entertainment (also likely), the stack will be there to help me.

To the mighty “to-read” list. May it ever grow.


What does “The Stack” mean to you? Be my newest friend and comment.


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