Ain’t no doubt about it, Audible is at the center of my universe. It’s right up there with my other daily needs such as Red Bull, sweatpants and showering. I’m not even kidding. For the record, no one is paying me to write this.

If it weren’t for Audiobooks, I would only complete a small fraction of the reading I currently accomplish. Thanks to the quality, variety and affordability offered with my Audible membership I am able to enjoy more books without breaking the bank.

Free Audiobook Apps

There are other audiobook providers out there toting free content. I have found that the performance quality for these titles isn’t very high. Why spend time listening to a book if the performance is so boring, it will make you hate a book you would otherwise love? To me, the performance is worth the price.

Good Performance = Better Book

A good narrator can increase the enjoyment factor of any book. In cases with multiple points of view, some audiobooks even have a different people reading. The best example of this is “The Help”, where three women read the different points of view. Octavia Spencer, who plays Minnie in the film, is also the voice of Minnie’s perspective in the audiobook.

Speed Read

Changing the speed of the recording is not unique to the Audible app. However, it’s a great way to read at your own speed. I have noticed that the speed changing depending on the device you are using. Example: 1.25 speed on my iPhone will play slower than the same speed on my husband’s Android.

Daily Deals

Your average audiobook runs anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on popularity, length, and narrator. Each day, Audible offers a different title at under $5.


The basic membership for audible is $14/month. Each month, you also get a credit on your account. A credit will buy you a book. So basically, you get one book a month with your subscription.






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