Review: Seveneves


SevenevesBook Profile

Title: Seveneves

Author: Neal Stephenson

Pages: 880

Method of Reading: Audiobook

Genre: Science Fiction

Thoughts: LOVED IT. Super Epic.

Synopsis: Moon explodes. World ends. Survivors in space. Can the human race make it?


I’ve been wanting to review this book for awhile because it’s so stinking epic.

Some books have that golden glow where everyone loves them no matter what. This is not one of them. In fact, it came to me very un-recommended from my husband, who bought it because it was so critically acclaimed. The premise was interesting enough, so I started it and soon I was hooked like a hound dog on a scent.


Some of the main complaints I’ve heard are:

  • Uninteresting characters (from Hubbs).
    • Given that the book is pretty lengthy, I think Stephenson did pretty well at introducing key characters and their motives without giving away the identities of the Seven Eves before necessary.
  • The last third. Many Goodreads reviews stated that the first two thirds were awesome while the last third was disappointing.
    • It does take a turn at 66,6%. I agree with that. It changes from science fiction to science fantasy.
  • Unbelievable world building.
    • Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with it. I would LOVE to debate this one in person.

What I Liked the Most

The destruction of Earth scene. Stephenson changes perspectives between people on Earth and people in space. Written with vibrant color and strong emotion, this scene I unforgettable.

The flawed characters. There are a couple of people who just throw a wrench into things perfectly. My favorite is Dinah.

The potential. Where can this new world go? I want so desperately to find out.

The Audiobook

This was well-narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal and Will Damron. I do think that additional narrators would have added to the performance. Seveneves does have quite a few characters, and different voices would have help distinguish them.

Thanks to IO9 for recommending this book. If you want monthly recommendations of new sci-fi and fantasy titles, definitely visit this site.

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