Kindle Unlimited

Not long ago, Amazon introduced a new subscription service called “Kindle Unlimited”. For roughly $10/month, you have access thousands of Kindle titles and hundreds of audiobooks.

Rampant reader that I am, I took them up on their offer pretty much instantly. So here’s what I have to say about that.

Most Popular Titles Are Kindle Books

If you want more current or well-known books, they are more likely to be available only in Kindle book form.

Audiobooks are limited

Biggest complaint: there are only a limited number of audiobooks available. Sometimes looking through the selection is like pawing through the sale rack at the Goodwill. I will say this, Hubbad and I have stuck through it and we’ve found some winners. The small select helped expand our horizons. However, I want the Cheesecake Factory menu of audiobooks, not the dinner options at Waffle House.

Best of Both Worlds

You can switch between reading and listening, for books with narration as Kindle books.

Audible Members Listen Up

I’ve noticed that some of the audible daily deals are books that are already available with narration on Kindle Unlimited. If you have both, be sure to check the kindle unlimited library before you buy.

Two More Things I Want

I could say this about the whole Amazon website, but particularly with Kindle Unlimited, I want better recommendations. I want the service to look at titles I’ve borrowed and make suggestions for similar titles that I have not yet read.

I also want to be able to mark books as “read” or “not interested” or “up next”. This would help me weed out a lot of books to hone in on new and interesting options.

Overall, I really like Kindle Unlimited. it’s probably saved me a ton of money, and I can see it improving in the future. Thanks for keeping me loyal, Amazon.


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