How To: Read with a Busy Schedule

Book lovers come in all shapes and sizes. There is no “one size fits all” for choice of genre, author or title. There is one common thread that connects most readers, and that is the desire to read more than they already are.

Life today leaves little time or energy for the luxury of an afternoon with a good book. How in the world do you get your reading done with the pressures of job, family, housework, errands, volunteering, and everything else that pulls you away from your favorite pastime?

Here are some ways I’ve found that allow me to fit my reading into my busy schedule.


Honestly, audiobooks are the main way I consume books. This is not cheating. This is for real. In fact, with a good narrator, an audiobook can add dimension to the story. You can listen when:
– In transit (commute, roadtrip, errands, etc)
– Prepping for the day. Start the morning off right.
– Doing housework or cooking
– Working (If work allows)
– Winding down from the day. Studies prove that looking at a screen right before bedtime contributes to poor sleep. Instead, pop in some headphones and set the sleep timer (available on the Audible app)
– Poolside. Enough said.

Quick tip: up the ante by listening at a faster speed. 1.25 or 1.5 is about right. Take THAT “War and Peace”!


I took a cue from Uncle John and started starting having a book on hand with short chapters, stories or articles. If you conquer short piece each day, eventually bigger volumes will get done.

Talk About What You’re Reading

Accountability is a great way to stay on track. Have a few people who like to talk books. You’ll want to have something fresh to talk about. This is also a great way to get good recommendations.

Find a Series You Love

Once you get into a series, it’s often hard to stop. You already know the characters and you want to know what happens to them. You are invested, so you are more inclined to pick up your book rather than the remote.

Have A Book Buddy

Read a book with someone. Be it a book club or a friend, have someone who is reading the same book you are. My husband and I share an Audible account, so I find myself listening to the same books he is reading. It is fun to compare notes while reading and eventually talk about it when we are done..

Have an “Up Next” Book

Having an exciting prospect on the horizon will help you get through what you’re reading right now (especially if your current book is ho-hum).

What do you do to get your reading done?


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